Word Crimes Is My New Theme Song

Weird Al
Weird Al released another music video today from his new album Mandatory Fun.  This song mirrors many of my personal peeves related to spelling and grammar woes.  The video is very stimulating and includes a lot of easter eggs as well.  Even Trogdor couldn’t hide from Al; look at those consummate Vs!  There is even a nod to all you Clippy haters out there (all of you) with a “Go away forever” button.  It is even apparent from the video that those who are bad at grammar are also not that very good at Minesweeper.  Yeah, I’m sticking with that hypothesis.

Hooray for Trogdor!

There are many more hidden gems in this video, but instead of listing them all (because I am probably still missing some) I’ll just show you the video and let you find them for yourself.  Enjoy!



EDIT: I must clarify that just because you are good at Minesweeper, that doesn’t automatically make you an expert at grammar.


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