Where in the Marvel Universe Is the Soul Stone?

It’s speculation time here at Stolendroids, and today we are looking at the possible location of the sixth and final Infinity Stone, the Soul Stone! Now this is complete speculation and is not a known answer, but I am fairly certain I am onto something so read on only if you are ok with possible spoilers…

Potential spoiler warning! Last chance to look away!



Ok are you still with me? You are! Excellent, you have made a wise choice my friend. Before we can proceed we must first do a quick recap of the current locations of the other five stones. First the Space Stone (the Tesseract) is being held on Asgard, the Mind Stone can be found on Vision’s head, the Reality Stone (Aether) is the crown jewel in the Collector’s museum, the Power Stone is being watched over by the Nova Corps on Xandar, and the Time Stone is on Earth being used by Dr. Strange whenever he oversleeps (I’m assuming, I mean come on, BEST snooze button ever!). All that is left is for Marvel to reveal the location of the Soul Stone. Everyone assumes it will be disclosed before the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, so that leaves two movies, Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, but what if Marvel has already revealed the location of the Soul Stone? What if they have been hiding it in plain sight for the past six years?? What if the Soul Stone is being used everyday without anyone noticing??? What if everyone’s second favorite Asgardian (Thor is still by far the best) Heimdall is the keeper of the Soul Stone???? I’ll give you a minute, I know you just had your mind blown… You good?  Ok now just to show I didn’t just wildly blurt out a location from thin air I will break down why I feel like the Guardian of the Bifrost is also Keeper of the Soul Stone.

#1: His powers.

Heimdall has a very unique set of powers compared to his fellow Asgardians, he can see all the nine realms and ten trillion souls. He can look into any individual he wants, see what they are doing, and what they desire. We have seen the Mind Stone take control of people, we have seen the Space Stone open portals in space, so it seems to reason that the possessor of the Soul Stone would be able to see souls… Are you convinced yet? No? Good thing I’ve got point #2 ready.

#2: Heimdall’s eyes: Heimdall has a very distinct color of eyes.

They are orange, which just so happens to be the same color as the Soul Stone, now before you start to tell me that this is just a coincidence, let me point out something you might have missed. When an individual uses the power of an Infinity Stone without a shield around it (Tesseract, Loki’s staff) their eyes change to the color of the stone. For example Ronan has dark, almost black eyes during the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy, until he claims the  Power Stone for his own, and turns his eyes to the same shade of purple as the stone.

Agree with me yet? No? Ok. you have forced my hand I am going to have to break out the big gun: Point #3 and really tie it all together.

#3: Heimdall’s Eyes vol. 2:

In Avengers Age of Ultron, Thor has a vision, a vision that gives him a glimpse into a possible future, and at the very heart of this vision is the Infinity Stones. It is because of this vision that Thor brings the Vision to life and starts his journey to learn more about the other stones and their locations. In Thor’s vision he is shown Asgard in ruins, and is told that everyone will die, he is told this by a trusted friend, but there is something very different about him. Thor’s vision shows him what will happen if Thanos gets all the Infinity Stones and Heimdall is missing something… his orange eyes.

Heimdall has lost the Soul Stone and with it he has lost his ability to see. Now you’re with me, I can tell.

I believe Marvel has been hiding the Soul Stone in plain sight all this time. I believe that this will be shown in Thor: Ragnarok, I believe that Heimdall will lose it to Hela, which is how she is able to hold Mjolnir and destroy it (which means Vision isn’t worthy, but his shiny headpiece gives him an unfair advantage) before turning it over to Thanos. I don’t believe Thor Ragnarok will have a happy ending, I believe that it will be here that we will first see the power of Thanos as he easily defeats Thor and Hulk, thus setting up the need to gather every hero to make a stand against him.

This is my theory for the location of the Soul Stone, what’s yours?

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  1. Nice theory, but I think that the Sovereign have the Soul stone, and they have used it to create Adam Warlock in the Guardians 2 post-credit scene. The Asguardians would not keep two stones in Asgard. They delivered the Aether to the Collector just to keep them apart. So why would the hammer or Heimdal have the Soul stone? Personally, I think it would be a nice suprise if it turned up with the Sovereign. They could introduce Warlock and immediately explain why he is so powerfull.

    1. I had thought about Adam Warlock having it, but James Gunn said Adam won’t be shown until GotG vol 3, so I ruled him out before I wrote it.

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