What’s A Mac? – #356

Stolendroids Podcast

What’s a computer?! Maybe you should look it up . . .  on your computer, you ignorant hipster spawn!

In breaking news that shouldn’t surprise anyone, you are surrounded by computers. They are in your car, on your wrist, in your pocket, in your backpack, in your microwave! Unless, apparently, you’re an Apple user; then it’s all magic, I guess.  At least that’s the message Apple seems to be trying to drive home with their latest marketing push.  “Don’t think about it. It’s beautiful. It just works, ‘automagically’!”

In other news, companies that should have nothing to do with making software continue to do so anyway in an effort to further ruin your life.  Unfortunately, even the companies that ARE supposed to make software are finding ways to ruin your life by leaking information too!  Also, ever think you’d hear an idea that was so bad that even Ajit Pai gives it a hard “NOPE?” Yeah, me either.


Zuke’s Favorite:  Ant-Man and the Wasp

Zohner’s Favorite: #whiteeyesmatter


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