We Call It a “Video Game”

I saw this on TV awhile ago, and always meant to post about it but never got around to it. Today, however, was such a beautiful day that I thought I’d sit down in front of my computer in our dark basement office and blog.



I’ve seen a few more pieces of video and screenshots come out about this game, and from a graphics standpoint I’m pretty impressed. From how this guy is describing it, though, I’d have to say the developers are idiots. Fans of this blog will remember that I play a game called Eve: Online. I’ve played other MMO’s as well, and have been playing video games for quite some time. It should be no surprise then that my “BS Detector” was going off like crazy through that video. Let me see if I can remember all his big selling points to the game:


  • Large Game World with Multiple Sectors- Oh, you mean like Eve that has thousands of systems all on one persistent server?  Even World of Warcraft (which has to keep people on different servers) or Guild Wars (which puts you into your own private instance as soon as you leave town) have beautiful expansive worlds with multiple zones.  WoW and GW go one step further and make each “zone” truly unique and lush, which is something a space MMO can never do.
  • Voice Over IP- Never been done before, huh?  While I guess it’s safe to say that MOST games require their users to provide their own VOIP solutions, Eve Online has Eve Voice that has been active (and working well) for a few years now.  That’s almost irrelevant though, since most guilds/corps/alliances/whatever typically have their own setup they want to use.
  • Multiple Races- Really?  That’s a selling point?  Do I even need to expand on that one?
  • Selectable Classes- I’m pretty sure that’s been done before.  In fact, I’m pretty sure nearly EVERY other game that isn’t a FPS has that.  And even some of them get pretty close!
  • PVP- WOW, people can actually fight each other!  1 vs 1, or 50 vs 50?  In WoW that was called taking a walk.  In Eve that’s a skirmish.  If you want massive battles, you need to start getting close to the hundreds area.
  • Action/Combat/Sci-Fi/Space/MMO- So, really you mean Action-SciFi Game, right?  Cause I’m pretty sure it isn’t massive yet, and the rest of those terms are redundant.

Perhaps I’m expecting too much by hoping that this studio would have come up with something actually new.  Maybe that’s not fair of me.  However, I kind of resent being handed some leftovers while some shill tries to convince me it’s caviar.  If the graphics in your game are incredible, then by all means tout the graphics.  If it’s the story, then do that!  Don’t go telling me that you’ve revolutionized the gaming landscape by introducing playable classes!  Dungeouns and Dragons did that, and everything since then has had it!

Of course, I’m not an industry expert and this game might do really well! Just in case it does, I’m putting together a game idea about a guy who puts on some sort of special suit and goes to fight aliens.  It will turn the sci-fi world on it’s head!

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