Too Much Normalcy – #330

Stolendroids Podcast

Nothing to see here. Just doing what normal human people do!

Things seem oddly pedestrian this week as we have no news of anything big coming out. Instead, it’s a whole lot of little things (mostly court-related), and we can’t help but wonder if the shoe is about to drop.

Uber may have just swung from “In the wrong place at the wrong time” to full-on “Mr. Burns on a bad day” with their case against Google. Also, that part where they force laborers to use exploding cars. The security researcher who may have just saved the internet for all of us was arrested for something he may not have done a few years ago. And you can tell when you have no business whatsoever existing in the digital age when you manage to get “catfished” by someone pretending to be the people you work with on a daily basis. #SMH


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