The World of Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs was one of the Celebrity Guests that attended the FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention. He mainly spoke about his role in the Harry Potter movies series including the excitement on the set and how he goofed around with the actors and producers; however, he also talked about how he prefers to treat his acting roles. I don’t think many knew how funny he was in person. I certainly didn’t.

Isaacs loved to have fun on the set of any movie or TV show he is working on. He realized how great of an actor Daniel Radcliffe was, when in the Chamber of Secrets, at the end Daniel improvised his line, “Don’t worry, I will be.” He said it proudly, and all Jason could think was “Shoot he’s really good!”. In that same scene, he was interacting with Dobby the house-elf. He had to ask where Dobby was located since he was CGI, and when they stated he could be anywhere, Isaacs got excited. At the end of the take, it looked as though he had slipped, so the director asked for the floor to be wiped up. When Isaacs asked him why, and he got a response of “You slipped”, he responded with, “Oh. No. I didn’t slip. I kicked him down the stairs”, which naturally caused a hysterical uproar. At one point, he exclaimed, “We get paid for this!” regarding playing around with muskets and wands. This guy is just a hoot!

He was also in The OA, and the new The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, both of which can be found on Netflix. He went on to talk about The Dark Crystal, and how interesting it was to create. Normally with animated films, you have the animators edit along with your voice, however, with The Dark Crystal they are puppets. This means he had to go along with their movements and every single breath they took, which proved to be very complicated. He loves playing these difficult roles because it means he gets to “show off as an actor”. Whether it’s paying a villain or a hero, he loves every role and all of their intricacies.

When he performs his roles, he likes to think about how the character or creature would think as a “human.” “Nobody is as they seem,” he stated, “they have an internal dialogue”. His ‘job’ is to work out what they want and need from the other actor; what makes them scared or happy. There is no difference between iPhone video or a big set, he just wants to know what they’re hiding, and bring that into his acting with them.

Jason Isaacs was a perfect addition to this year’s FanX, bringing his humor and contemplative thoughts into the ballroom. He filled the room with laughter and joy and made us get to know him better as a person and actor, and love him all the more.


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