Top 5 #relationshipgoals in the Berlantiverse

Greg Berlanti has mastered the formula for transitioning comic book properties to the small screen. Starting with Arrow in 2012, Berlanti has cranked out hit after hit, combining rich character histories with entertaining character dynamics.

In fact, Berlanti has developed a cast of characters with relationships so rich that they can be considered downright inspirational. With this in mind, Stolendroids presents to you the Top 5 #Relationshipgoals in the Berlantiverse.

#5. Martin and Jax

The relationship – One’s old, one’s young. One’s white, one’s black. One uses people’s full formal first names when addressing others, one just says the person’s last name. One comes from academia, one learned from the school of life. Can you find two people that are any more different? And yet, Martin and Jax share a closeness to be envied that transcends the very idea of bromance.

Also they can join together to become a wicked powerful superhero called Firestorm, so there is that.

The #relationshipgoal – Differences in people can compliment each other, bond them together, and make them stronger. Sometimes literally, like Firestorm.

#4. Betty and Veronica

The relationship – Betty and Veronica are both used to being popular, but with a criminal father and a move to a new school, Veronica needed a friend. Enter the good hearted Betty to open the door to the upper social circles of Riverdale High. The friendship quickly became reciprocal, as Veronica’s zest for life helped Betty to open herself up to new experiences.

Also, you thought the Berlantiverse was just DC? You thought wrong.

The #relationshipgoal – True friends trust each other enough to challenge each other to be and do a little more. Even when it means dressing in a wig and scaring a dude with a weird, S&Mish experience in a hot tub (this show is bonkers).

#3. Cisco and Gypsy

The relationship – Cisco’s not exactly successful with the ladies. Gypsy’s not exactly successful with the fellas. At least, not on their own earths. Make some cross-dimensional connections though, and love finds a way.

Also, Gypsy’s dad is played by the always terrifying Danny Trejo, and Cisco had to survive a 24 hour manhunt from Gypsy’s dad in order to earn the permission to continue the relationship.

The #relationshipgoal – When two people are committed to each other, it doesn’t matter what people on the outside say or do. Unless they’re trying to kill you in a certain time frame. That you should avoid letting happen.

#2. Joe West and his kids

The relationship – Joe West is, hands down, the best father on television right now, and will end his career as a first ballot TV Father Hall of Famer (arguably as a unanimous selection, but the voters are weird about unanimity, so we’ll have to see). He loves unconditionally, whether the child is his own biologically, by circumstances including fostering and finding out he had a kid he never knew about, and even to the daughter of his fiancee. If there’s a way to have a fatherly relationship with somebody, Joe West has found it, and has excelled at it.

Also, he saw his fiancee’s daughter in a strip club, and somehow came off classy and patriarchal.

The #relationshipgoal – Kids will make mistakes and need experience to learn, but a parent’s love never fails them. Even in da club. Da strip club.

#1. Felicity and Oliver

The relationship – It started innocently enough, as these things often do. Oliver needed some help with a laptop. So he made a visit to IT. And once there, found the loveliest IT professional in the biz this side of Stolendroid’s own Collin Farmer, in the form of one Felicity Smoak. As often occurs, assistance with a tech problem grew to assistance with other problems, which grew to blurred lines in the relationship, which lead to betrayal, which lead to forgiveness, and then they crossed dimensions, and another dude on a salmon ladder, and Felicity got shot, and there was an island, but not a romantic getaway island, more like a Dante’s Inferno-esque Hellscape, and an abandoned child, and Summer Glau, and at this point a bunch of that stuff is out of order but it all happened and I’ve forgotten to mention a bunch more.

Also, Oliver wears a lot of leather in this relationship. No judgment. Just acknowledging it. He looks good in it. I’m comfortable enough with myself to admit that.

The #relationshipgoal – Relationships will be tested, but when two people are willing to love and forgive, challenges make relationships stronger.

There you have it, dear readers, the top 5 #relationshipgoals in the Berlantiverse. What other #relationshipgoals do you aspire to from the Berlantiverse? Drop it like it’s hot in the comments.

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