The Scam Show – Episode 7



“What does it mean for a movie to make a billion dollars in the box office?”

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  1. I think that given the current climate, the reception of the movie may hinge more on how vocal the author is in promoting the movie. He’s a pretty big lightning rod and may turn some viewers off of the movie, despite his personal views not being an obvious part of the story. As for “softening”, it depends on how far they’re willing to go with the books near torture of children. I’m certain that with the current state of CGI the movie will “look” brilliant, but the acting and script will decide how much staying power the movie has. I’m also curious to see how much, if any, of the sibling political blogger story makes it on screen. It was a concept well ahead of its time, but I’ve got a feeling the story will stay fairly “Ender-centric.”

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