The New WESTWORLD Trailer Has Arrived

Westworld season two has only been shooting for a week, and we already have a teaser trailer for the new season coming in 2018. It’s short, but it gives us some very interesting ideas about what is to come.

For those who don’t remember how season one ended, Dolores made the conscious decision to embrace the Wyatt personality and killed her maker in Robert Ford. The robot uprising in the futuristic theme park has begun and the hosts can now injure and even kill the guests. Maeve decided to not leave the park and instead went looking for the host that played her daughter, and wandered into a section of the Mesa named “SW”, which fans are calling either Samurai World or Shogun World. There are more parks than just Westworld, and I’m excited to see where the showrunners go with this reveal.

The teaser starts with the familiar reveal of the player piano that made such an important part of the first season. Now, it’s broken, covered in blood, and barely able to function. The tune is begins to play is Sammy Davis Jr.’s “I’ve Gotta Be Me” and it’s an interesting change from the usual choice of rock songs played in the first season that featured The Rolling Stones, Radio Head, and Soundgarden. Much like season one, the lyrics of the music (I want to live, not merely survive) fit perfectly with what is happening on screen.

What is Bernard doing next to a dead tiger? Why is a tiger in Westworld? Is it from another theme park we haven’t seen yet?

Later we see Bernard riding in an off-road vehicle with some Delos employees, including Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) who was last seen surrounded by the Ghost Nation. We know he survived that experience, but who is that woman also with them? I’m guessing it’s Elsie, but I can’t tell. Bernard is a host, but has spent most of his “life” thinking he was human, so how will we side in the robot uprising? None of the people in the vehicle know his true nature, except maybe Elsie, but we don’t know for sure.

Dolores riding horseback, chasing down and shooting guests is the best shot of the trailer, and it’s a testament to the showrunners, that I am both thrilled and horrified that Dolores is murdering innocent people. It’s a very dark turn for the character, and I have the feeling we are just beginning to see how far she’ll go in the season to come. It’s not a surprise to see that Teddy is riding alongside Dolores – he is programmed to support and love her, but it’s still sad to see him join the man hunt.

We end on a very familiar face. The Man in Black who had been nursing a gun shot wound, and here we seem with blood splattered on his face, and a very ominous grin on his face. He’s going to be even more of a wild card this season, so it will be very interesting to see how he handles this dramatically changed park.

Are you excited for season two? We don’t have a date of release, but it’s coming sometime in 2018. It was one of my favorite shows this last year, so we’ll make sure to keep you updated on news when we hear it.

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