You can’t convince me that this guy is not a robot.

It seems that ever since people started leaving cable companies for streaming services, all of the TV networks have started launching their own streaming services. NBC is reportedly the latest looking to enter the arena even though they already own one-third of Hulu. Ironically, it’s rumored that they are going to be selling that to Disney who will, of course, be launching their own streaming service later this year. So what will they do with Hulu? We speculate.

On the other side of the show, Facebook continues to show that they really don’t care about privacy by getting hit with three violations from three different countries in one day. It’s okay though. Your data is totally safe with them. And you’re totally not a product that they buy and sell as if it were cheese. If only there were other social networks out there… But there are! Collin managed to dig up one from the past that apparently is still a thing.

Finally, apologies for some of the terrible audio quality. No, Collin wasn’t recording in the bathtub. He just has a fool for a co-host who happened to walk off with his equipment and was unable to return it to him before the episode was recorded.


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