Summer Games Event Returns to Overwatch

The Summer Games have returned! Blizzard has announced in a new developer video that last year’s limited time event will be making a return to Overwatch on August 8th and will last until August 29th. The event will bring back the Olympic-themed skins at a reduced cost to players along with some new skins. Lúcioball, the soccer-style multiplayer mode, will also return with some design tweaks to the game play, as well as a new competitive mode with a ranking system.

The event from last year was based on the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The return of the much-coveted skins from last year’s event should make many players happy since they were only available via loot boxes and couldn’t be purchased with in game credits. This left many players quite upset, and many were not expecting the Summer Games event to return for another four years. This unexpected surprise is sure to make many players happy.

Blizzard also revealed how much it will cost players to purchase the old event skins: a reduced rate of 1,000 credits. However, the epic skins will cost players 250 credits, and the rare items will set you back 75 credits. Meanwhile, Blizzard will be charging for the new skins and items at the standard rate of 3,000 for legendary, 750 for epic, and 250 for rare.

While the skins can be purchased this time around, they can still be obtained via loot boxes. Loot boxes are also being changed with this event so that the number of duplicate items that players receive will be greatly reduced.

This is the first time the system will be live to players since its announcement back in June.

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