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Do you love comics? Who doesn’t?! Are you sad to see so few of them in newspapers now? What are newspapers?! Do you want to know what the cartoonists think of the whole thing? Trust me, you really do!

Fred Schroeder and Dave Kellett (of the webcomic Sheldon) have traveled the globe for 4 years, interviewing some of the best comic artists ever to take you on an incredible look into the world of comic strips.  Fred was gracious enough to spend some time with us and tell us what comics meant to him and how this project got started.  We could have talked with him for days, but we haven’t yet figured out a way to do that without overloading our storage on the server!  Instead, we hope you enjoy this hour.

NOW, important for our listeners and followers: Stripped launches on iTunes on April 1.  We are trying to help them hit #1 on the iTunes download list that day and hope to see everyone go out and get their copy of it then.  There are three very important reasons why you should do this:

1. Because it’s an awesome film that you should see no matter what day it comes out on,

2. Because April 1 is Stolendroids’ birthday (both the site AND the podcast), and this would be an awesome gift to us.  And finally . . .

3. The documentary on Justin Beaver comes out that day and it’s only right that these guys beat that!

Be sure to check out the Stripped website and enjoy the trailer below.


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