Spotify Coming to Xbox One!

Music streaming is something that most us enjoy all the time whether it be for helping to pass the time or get through that last push in our gym session. On consoles, it allows us to listen to something else if we want to listen to something different besides the in-game music. For the longest time, on Xbox we were limited to either Pandora, Groove Music (Microsoft’s music subscription service), iHeartRadio, or our own music libraries since Sony had a somewhat exclusive deal with Spotify. This is all about to change though!

Screenshot from Reddit that shows Major Nelson testing the app.

The news broke with an article on The Verge bringing a post from Reddit to our attention that contained screenshots of Microsoft’s Major Nelson, aka Larry Hyrb, testing the Spotify app. Looking at the Xbox One Friends List status, you can see that he was listening to Spotify Music. Earlier, Microsoft for Windows 10 had released a Spotify app on the Windows Store, but it was not of the Universal Windows App type, which would have allowed the Xbox instantaneous use. The lack of an Xbox app was due to Spotify only being available on Sony platforms.

We currently have no concrete release date for the Spotify app to hit the Xbox One, but it can be assumed it would either be before or on the day the Xbox One X (formerly Project Scorpio) launches.

What are your thoughts on Xbox finally gaining access to one of the top music streaming apps? Is this something that you are excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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