Spider-Collin – #336

Stolendroids Podcast

Can he swing, from a web? HAHAHAHA no

So, what can you do with your life if you’re the most hated security “expert” in America and you only have a degree in music composition to your name?  Well, it turns out not much!

The Equifax debacle just keeps getting bigger and bigger and it threatens to consume us all.  Not even Apple traveling into the past to bring us a new phone is enough to distract us.  Not even Destiny 2, or animated poop, or 1-star Clinton reviews, or Cartman hijacking everyone’s Amazon Echo . . . wait, no that last one is pretty hilarious!


Zuke’s Favorite:  Destiny 2 in a nutshell
Zohner’s Favorite: My Little Town
Collin’s Favorite: J.J. Abrams will Write & Director Star Wars: Episode IX

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