Spectacular Star Gazing Video

Adrien Mauduit Films has created an absolutely gorgeous collection of the galaxy that can be seen in the winter months and away from city lights. All shots were recorded over the past year and in France, Switzerland, Spain, Iceland, Denmark and Canada.

“As the days shorten and the darkness progressively eats away the light, an amazing transformation happens in the northern hemisphere skies. A lot of astronomers and stargazers prefer summertime to look up at the stars, probably because conditions are better and the brightest part of our own galaxy, the milky way is more visible, even with the naked eye. Although fainter, the ‘winter’ part of the milky way and the rest of the winter sky harbor countless unsuspected gems, if one knows how to find and capture them!

GALAXIES Vol. II: wonders of the winter night skies – 4K from Adrien Mauduit Films on Vimeo.

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