9/11 Remembered by Dr Squishy

It started out as any other Tuesday. I woke up and went to work. At the time I worked for Hollywood Video and remember putting in a Jimmy Buffet concert video while I was opening the store. To this day the song, “We are the people our parents warned us about” brings back memories of that morning. As the morning went on the news started to trickle in. At first I heard that it was the Sears Tower in Chicago which had been hit. This caused little impact for me as I didn’t know anyone in Chicago and it didn’t seem to be that bad. A bit later a friend called my store to ask if my sisters (who lived in NYC) were OK. This was the first time I registered that it was New York, and that I had a personal connection to the mornings events. I didn’t fully process it, and figured that I’d call home on my lunch break to get an update. Then about 30 minutes later my roommate called to ask, “Have you heard about your sisters?” I panicked. I thought that news about my sisters had come in to our apartment first and he was now passing on the news of their death. I slammed down the phone, called out to my manager that I was leaving, and ran out the door. Our apartment was only a few minutes away and I vividly remember praying the whole way home. When I reached our door my roommate greeted me and apologized for the scare, he’d simply been calling to ask if there was news. I then spent the next our trying to get a call into my mother for some news. Thankfully I would quickly discover that both my sisters were [physically unharmed. Rebekah worked in the area and had seen tower 2 go down. It would be weeks before she felt comfortable in Manhattan again.

As the day went on we watched the news, checked websites, and mostly sat around in a daze. I went to lunch with a friend later in the day and recall wondering, “What next?”

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