Sdfiles #47 – the Pentaverate

The Colonel Prepares For His Trip To Bilderberg
The Colonel Prepares For His Trip To Bilderberg

It’s a full trio on this week’s SDFiles, with Collin and Zuke filling in for a still-dead Schmidty.  Pepper’s Ghost goes vacationing in Scotland,  a drunk hunter meets an even more drunk Sasquatch, and FINALLY someone has an incredibly good investigation of a paranormal sighting!

Bilderbergs meet for annual “Rule the World” conference
Sasquatch throwing rocks at RV [UPDATE: video now marked as private] Multiple Sasquatches caught on video
Loch Ness UFO
UFO returns to Oregon


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  1. Sorry, just a comment on your pronunciation of “loch”.
    It’s not a “lock”, they go in doors and have other uses.
    As a Scottish person, this irritated me greatly,


    1. Very sorry about that; I’m used to irritating people all the time, but I feel bad when it’s because of something I didn’t intend to be irritating. Normally it’s because of a joke and I’m expecting it to irritate you.

      I understand that it is not pronounced “Lock Ness”, and I wasn’t trying to say it that way. However, as my wife fondly points out to me regularly, I sometimes say words incorrectly, or they sound incorrect to others. Part of this is because of my upbringing, and part of it is my dialect. Unless, of course, when you say “loch” you are pronouncing the CH like you would in “cheese”. If that’s the case, then I had no idea and please forgive my American ignorance.

      That being said, if it IS pronounced “loch” (like “cheese”) then that is dumb and your country should change it immediately. Sounds almost Spanish . . .

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