Sd#9 Fluffy Penetration Ahoy!


It’s the Sony Show!  Captain Feathersword gets a prison reference.  Apple says you’re holding it wrong.  And who knew the Shawshank Redemption was about WoW?


Zuke, Schmidty, Zohner, Stark



Video Games

Lightning round

Zuke’s favorite:
Zohner’s favorite:
Schmidty’s Favorite:
Stark’s Favorite:

John writes: “Error 1: The “Bones” episode you discussed wasn’t the Season Final. It was the episode before. The Seaon Final was the bowling ally murder and Hodges having a son. It aired the night this podcast was recorded.
Error 2: Clark and Lois were NOT married in the 7 years in the future thing on “Smallville”. Clark fumbled the box with the wedding rings in it as they talked about getting married. The first wedding attempted was interupted. Why they didn’t get married after the crisis is beyond me. They did show Clark in the Superman suit, though it was so brief that if you blinked you’d miss it.
Terra Nova = Land of the Lost remake…
Note: A REAL Zombie kit would include guns and as much ammo as possible.”

Mason, “While I give the CDC and A for effort and an A+ for creativity I think the message was lost on too many people. I personally loved that they did this, but too many people only took it at face value. However in the light of our recent natural disasters people should pay more attention to emergency preparedness. If anyone is interested there is a great site that will help you step by step put a plan together. also if you use what is outlined at it will not only help you be prepared but to also be confident in using your plan. OK soapbox is done, but this is what I’m getting my degree in and something I wish more people took seriously.
Thanks for mentioning it on your show AND for getting what the CDC was trying to accomplish.”

Joe the Web Guy, “Dear Stolen Droids Guys,
I can find my Android. I think someone might have stolen it. Can you ask your audience if they know who stole my Droid? It has a chicken calculator widget on the home screen and a “chickens to
goats” converter app installed on the sdcard. You guys probably already saw this, but if not now you can rag on Sony some more in your next episode.
@booredatwork <> New blog posting, Sony
Hacked yet again. This is getting sad –



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