Your Mccarthy Hat – #81

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We have one huge talking point this week and a whole boatload of headlines.  Lucky you!!  Don’t forget that you only have days before the voting is closed for the 2012 PodCast awards!!


Thank you for making one of your talking points about antivirus. I have been doing a lot of research on trying to find the best, and in everything I’ve found and everything I’ve tried I’ve noticed that the Microsoft Security Essentials, SuperAntiSpyware, and Malewarebytes, seem to be one of the best combinations as far as free goes. For Paid services AVG Internet Security 2012, and AVG PC Tuneup appear to be the best. I’ve tried Norton, McAfee, AntiVir, Avast, Symantec, Microsoft OneCare (before it became Security Essentials) Both Paid, and unpaid versions. It’s good to hear what you guys use, and to have some validation that I’ve chosen the better ones to use.

Thank You.

p.s. Some anti-virus’s won’t allow you to install if you have another anti-virus installed. AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials don’t seem to like each other much.

Atlas Shrugged 2

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Talking Point:

Do Not Track

Zuke’s Favorite: Forget “That Was Easy”, THIS is the button you need!
Zohner’s Favorite: Partysaurus Rex
Schmidty’s Favorite: Our new Intro, complete with Music Video.  Thanks, Rymdreglage or Ninja Moped!
Stark’s Favorite: CONDORMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

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