Iran Vs Aol – #79

Stolendroids Podcast

We are without a Zohner, as he’s abandoned us to get an autograph or something.  Iran thinks it can survive without Google, RIM is limping along better than expected, and Europe needs to suck it up a bit!


Fast Lane

Talking Point:

How Do You Anti-Virus?

I’ve noticed that there is a lot of debate about the best Anti-Virus Anti-Malware… Program out their, but which really is the best? From Free to Paid, then comparing Free & Paid. Will Stolen Droids make this a talking point, or possibly a regular segment as software changes and updates?

Thanks. Toven

Zuke’s Favorite: Want to get off this rock? Follow these easy steps!
Schmidty’s Favorite: Sesame Street: Hunger Games, Avengers, Dr. Who, and The Newsroom
Stark’s Favorite: Google presented by the NFL replacement refs

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