Pulling a Stark – #75

Stolendroids Podcast

We have Minecraft fever!  Well, three of us do anyway.  We yell at those young whippersnappers, adore Weird Al, and try to get Gungam Style out of our heads!

Not sure if you saw this yet but the pirate bay is launching a free VPN called PrivitizeVPN.
Just thought you may be interested.

Who should be held responsible if your online info is stolen?
I think it depends. Social sites it should be a matter of common sence, if you post content you relinquish ownership in some cases. If however you store content on a site specifically designed for content storage and or backup then that site should be held responsible. For sites like email then you use their service in good faith that they can keep your account safe, so yes they should be held responsible also. All financial or personal data sites like medical info should also be held responsible. If you download something for free, buy something from an unknown app developer, or use opensource software then you can only blaim yourself should anything happen. Likening this to the lemonade thing, if you buy little susies lemonade its something usually made by a child so you are accepting the risk of getting sick, its common sence. If however you go to a fast food or reseraunt and buy a soda or something then its supposed to be a drink from a reputable source and your buying it in good faith that it wont make you sick, and therfore the resteraunt or fast foos place should be held responsible. Its basically common sence law.
Sorry about the spelling, my tablet doesn’t seem to have, or I can’ find the spell checker. I have auto correct off cause it was driving me nuts. (Sort drive)
Thanks, Toven.


Fast Lane:

Talking Point:

The increasing speed of technology adoption and early adopters

Zuke’s potential favorite: What in the name of all that is holy . . . ?
Stark’s Favorite: What was Patrick Stewart and Simon Pegg doing during the London Olympics?
Zohner’s Favorite: Lego Serenity is AWESOME
Schmidty’s Favorite: The best Old Spice Ad Ever!

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