Wall-E Was Open Source – #74

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Actually, he might be an IBM i-Series!  We have RIM news, security news, Disney news!  We have it all this week!

A couple of comments …

Better include me as one of those nutjobs that thinks that video games have an influence on shootings.  There are any number of studies that show that playing video games with or without replica guns (instead of joystcks) improves overall accuracy and headshot accuracy in particular.  Do video games lead to violence – I don’t know … are they a contributing factor – absolutely.  My dad saw this in his boys (me and my brothers) when we watched wrestling on TV and then started to wrestle ourselves – we didn’t get to watch those shows again.

Quantum entanglement – from my understanding, your description was pretty good.  However, the information relay wasn’t instantaneous.  As reported in the article “While quantum teleportation is subject to the cosmic speed limit, the speed of light, …”.

Finally  my take on the Apple presentation to Samsung wasn’t as rosy as yours.  Didn’t Apply play the Patent troll here?

Apple: “Hey – you are using stuff that we have the patent for.  Pay up if you want to keep using it or we will see you in court.”

Microsoft said ‘Ok, fair cop’.  Samsung said ‘On your bike sunshine’.



PS: I say cheers because I spend a few years in England and picked up the habit there.


Fast Lane:

Talking Point:

Should software developers be sued for security holes?

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