Happy Painted Braaaiinnss – #71

Stolendroids Podcast

We’re a droid down and have the most relaxed “Fast Lane” ever!  And we don’t really want an undead Schmidty!


Zuke, RIM is laughing at you right now.

I admit I never really needed a YouTube account but I still ended up with one… I already used my real name for my user. In my opinion forcing or prodding users to use their real names instead of aliases or nick names is not going to stop them from being morons. The only true thing it does it annoy the decent users that have no part of the trolling.
If I was YouTube I’d find a different way to stop trolls, maybe hire a league of troll killers…



Fast Lane:

Talking Point:

Is Technology Screwing Up The Olympics

Zuke’s Favorite: Mr. Wizard’s a dick!
Stark’s Favorite: Orion: Exploring Beyond
Zohner’s Favorite: PBS totally understands how the Internet works

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