The Brownie Is A Misnomer – #70

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You should have seen the catchy number they did for their new jet fighters!

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Hey, uh, about that whole immortality thing, I miss-understood the man on the radio…

The story they were bringing up was from 2009 (go figure) any way, they were saying with all the new medical technology we have specifically artificial organs and the such humans should have the ability in 20 years or so to be ageless, thus considered immortal to a degree.

My Bad,

Thanks for answering my question and discussing my comment.  Re Cablevision – their app checks if the computer has an external screen … and if it does it will not install.  It isn’t a foolproof method of separating laptops and desktops but it will work most of the time.

Also – I’m not British.  I am Australian.  Just about a world of difference … don’t worry about it … American’s get totally confused by my accent and 95% of them will think ‘England’.





Talking Point:

Tragedy in Aurora

Zuke’s Favorite: Some militaries are more efficient than others.
Zohner’s Favorite: Further evidence that Hollywood is out of ideas
Schmidty’s Favorite: New XKCD section – XKCD just got more awesome
Stark’s Favorite: What happened to the Star Wars that I use to know?

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