Beware the Hammer – #68

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As it turns out, we can only do a fast lane when we have a lot of headlines to blow through.  Otherwise, we really aren’t that fast!  We’ve got your feedback questions and the universe decides to play a joke on Zuke!


On face book I noticed the droids wanted their listeners to send them questions for a possible Q&A episode so here’s a question or two from me… well, four anyway. haha

Any of you into steampunk? If not what sort of alternate realities do you imagine?
What got you interested in the tech world?
What programs do you use to create the podcast?
Many regards,

Hi guys,

I have been listening to you for about 2 months now and am currently going through your back catalogue (at the moment I am at ep 23). So please accept my sincerest apologies for not contacting you sooner. My problem is I listen to pods whilst I work and then totally forget to email.

This week you discussed the benefits of apps to assist reading. I can’t see this as being anything but a good thing, I have progressively learnt reading and co-ordination skills as well as many other things from various media. Whether this be video games, comics, tv etc.

The best way to learn is to engage with the material that you are being given. For some people this is simply having the text in front of you, and for some having it as a game style format will work better. The key thing is being able to have the variety of methods available at your disposal, not everyone learns the same way. And with apps it can potentially monitor your progression and then adjust its learning curve accordingly.

I think padds are the way of the future and should be implemented at every school. And save on paper and having to buy huge new text books or stock text books that are 20 years out of date.

One other subject I missed a while back was games. My top 5 is Final Fantasy 7 – epic in every sense, completed it 6 times and each play through takes at least 80 – 100hrs, Sonic 2 – so revolutionary and addictive it still stands up today, GTA3 – it was the first of the new wave GTA and revolutionised the series, Metal Gear Solid – such a great movie feel for a game, Resident Evil 2 – the first resi evil game I played and still my favourite.

Keep up the great work.




Talking Point:

The question of mini-series

Zuke’s Favorite: Why Ron Perlman is the most awesome!
Stark’s Favorite: History of Rock and Roll in one riff
Zohner’s Favorite: The most horrible thing ever
Schmidty’s Favorite: Minecraft Parody of Party Rock Anthem

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