Sd#59 Insert Title Here

I really meant to find a clever title and image to put here . . . but it just didn’t happen.


We’re back to a normal recording situation, and boy does it show!  To commemorate the show we’re talking about kiddie pr0n and how screwed up New York is!  Also, Schmidty still doesn’t understand what “Fast Lane” means.  Oh well.



Fast Lane:

Talking Point:

Tech and politics
Has this Presidency been more about tech than anything else? More than any before?
Is “Tech Savy” a prerequisite now?


Zuke’s Favorite: Why a Death Star doesn’t make much economic or military sense
Zohner’s Favorite: The Walking Dead in the 1980’s
Stark’s Favorite: I’m Trekkie and I know it
Schmidty’s Favorite: Leaning Tower of Pisa Troll

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