Sd#50 No Basically Here

Remember, it only counts when it's Stark saying it.

We’re still figuring out this format, so apologies for the run time! Your government wants to hack you, but it’s for your own good. Also, the guys ask the listeners for info; “Who uses cable vs streaming, and what are your reasons for it?”


Fast Lane:

Talking Point: Why/How is Pay-TV growing despite cable-cutting fad?

Zuke’s Favorite: Batman Running Away From . . . Everything
Zohner’s Favorite: Choose Your Own Office Adventure
Schmidty’s Favorite: Mario + Portal = Mari0
Stark’s Favorite: Rare Star Trek photos

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  1. Feedback! I like the ‘Fast Lane’ segment. I have oscillated between reading your email / blog post and listening to your podcast … sometimes I read first and listen later … other times I listen to it before I can read it. Before, there was nothing new in the second option – you had covered everything … now with the ‘Fast Lane’ there is always a reason to read the email / blog post.

    Re Ep #49 … the only bad part was the lie about the cake!

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