Sd#5 Chicken Calculator

We have sound effects! Myspace is the herpes of social networking. You’re an Apple tool if . . .

Zuke, Schmidty, Zohner, Stark

Sony finally fesses up to what happened. And is immediately sued over it.
Samsung makes good on their threat to counter-sue Apple, stating “Yeah, well YOU made a phone! So there!”
Apple admits to storing tracking info on your phone. But not for tracking you?
Steve Jobs is like a professional troll feeder!
Apple user: “Leggo my hummus!” PC user: “Keep it, I’m getting action.”
Amazonian Androids! Wait, no not quite.
MIT finds a better way for your phone to be using you.
Apple finally ships the white iPhone 4. It quickly becomes the fastest way to identify if you’re a tool or not.
Someone in Amazon’s data center has some ‘splaining to do!
Epix tries to save the week in cloud-related news.
Verizon runs out of meteorites or lighting strikes or whatever they use for their LTE.
MySpace evidently still around.
Avengers Assemble!
Arnold is now the Windows ME of the Terminator line.
If you wear this watch, the terrorists win.
ET can’t phone us anymore. 🙁
Randomly, we found a chicken calculator.

Zuke’s Favorite: HackerTyper
Schmidty’s Favorite: Google finally releases Google Docs for Android
Zohner’s Favorite: You mean they track things like kiddie porn?!
And a related PSA on how to secure your home’s WiFi.
Stark’s Favorite: Dr Who and Klingon Monopoly!


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