Sd#44 Imperial Rim Destroyers

Especially the ones made in Kentucky. American electronics made in Korea are OK.

We have a guest panelist on this week’s episode!  RIM proves its corporate culture has killed all hope, Hollywood doesn’t want to know how to fix things, and we’re all fascists!


Talking Point: SOTU & American Tech Jobs

  • The video, in full
  • American’s need to stop outsourcing
  • Double tax deductions for tech companies who keep manufacturing here
  • Nice to see some senator’s twitch and look away when the POTUS brings up insider trading and corrupt lobbying!
  • Why doesn’t America want jobs anymore?
  • ⅔ of Apple’s $97B liquid assets are kept outside of the US

Zuke’s Favorite: I’m going to need to buy a lot of Legos!
Schmidty’s Favorite: LEGO Minecraft.  Life is Goooooood!
Stark’s Favorite: How Return of the Jedi Should Have Ended
Zohner’s Favorite: How do you like them northern lights?
Alexander’s Favorite: Lego-las


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  1. Guys – stick with tech discussion and news and please don’t cover economics again … you butchered the free trade elements during the above podcast. At one point, Zuke said ‘yeah, jack up the import duty to a flippen high degree’ (paraphrase) and then not 60 seconds later … ‘Government should stay out of the economy and let free enterprise rain’ (paraphrase). Ummm – who do you think imposes tariffs?

    My view is that capitalism works as long as everything in the system is accurately priced. If you mis-price something (say, too low), then it gets over used and down stream goods are priced incorrectly. Following on from this, my view is fossil fuels are way under-priced and thus long distance transport is too cheap (long haul semi-trailers, freight / transport ships, etc). Reset to a higher fossil fuel cost will dampen down imports … how can importing grapes from South Africa be economical?

    Finally – if America completely cuts off foreign imports at least two things will happen overnight … Walmart will close (leading to massive cost of living increases for the common man) and food prices will double or worse (leading to the situation where people cannot eat).

    What has developed slowly over time needs to be corrected slowly over time … or we will all suffer a massive shock.

  2. Ruff,

    Thanks for your feedback! You’re right, we’d make terrible economists; just put the town hall between two mines and near a forest and we’ll be fine!

    While we probably got into the free trade part of the discussion more than we should have, I still feel like a big problem with the entire situation remains the same. That is, we want uber cool electronics on a regular basis and we don’t want to have to pay more for it. While some might say “This is how the market SHOULD work.” I personally believe that it simply forces the companies to make higher volume at a lower cost. Higher volume than the USA can produce and cheaper than the American people are willing to work.

    While it’d be easy to blame the people, or the companies, or the government, I believe the bottom line remains the same: We’ve grown spoiled by getting our toys so easily, but remain “indignant” on where they came from.

  3. Yes – I meant to mention that (we want fill-in-item-here and we don’t want to have to pay more for it) in my earlier comment too. And you are right, I would say ‘that is how capitalism works’. However, I would quickly follow that with … is that how you want capitalism to work? I think that people who push for pure capitalism, survival of the fittest, etc haven’t thought through the consequences … pure capitalism would be no rules, no fair market controls … what the market says is right is right … and the guy with the deep pockets would always win. As they say in Civ IV … don’t bring a sword to a gun fight.

    I imagine that some people would say that isn’t ‘correct’ capitalism.

    Anyway – if you want bead on economics, tariffs, events that are currently unfolding and you don’t want to be a PHD-head, listen to Planet Money – they tackle the issues and make them make some degree of sense. Start with this one …

  4. I find it kind of funny how when you break it down into its bare elements, pure capitalism is almost the equivalent of anarchy and the American free market is closer to fascism.

    Except when we’re in a depression of course; then we’re socialists.

  5. Have really enjoyed the discussion on mobile devices, wireless carriers and corporate technology. I provide technical support for the corporate email app “Good Technologies” which is a direct competitor to Blackberry. So your podcast has been a very helpful tool in my work. As mentioned by Stark. Keep it up!

    Ummm, what was up with the stem cell research story? That came way out of left field and seemed to be completely unrelated to anything you were discussing. Plus you gave so little time to it that you could not clarify that the government did not outlaw stem cell research, just prohibited government funding being used to create the stem cells from embryos. But allow existing stem cells to be used for research. Nor was any mention made that stem cell research was greatly increased after it was discovered that stem cells could be obtained from adult cells rather than from embryos.

    The stem cell story seemed so out of place and incomplete that it distracted me from hearing anything else you guys talked about after that. I kept wondering if you were going to start talking about how LBJ’s war on poverty was a really good idea and only failed because of that pesky war in Vietnam or some other issue that is now old and outdated.

    I don’t know if this intentional or not. But within the past month the podcast as grown more and more political rather than technical. Would rather see it stick with the technical topics. We will have plenty of other sources to inundate us with political topics during this election year.

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