Sd#39 2011 in Review

This was probably the most used phrase of 2011

We decide to do the popular thing and review 2011 . . . as best we can remember it anyway.

2011 Headlines:

  • All Year- Patent Infringement
  • February – Rebecca blackens the internet a bit
  • April- Stolen Droids Launches Podcast!
  • April- Sony’s PlayStation Network goes down
  • May- Local geek livetweets the death of Osama Bin Laden (twitter storm caused)
  • May- Microsoft buys Skype
  • August – DC Reboot
  • August – HP implodes . . . and narrowly avoids self destruct
  • October – Steve Jobs dies (sad)
  • December – Kim Jong-Il dies (meh)
Top Tech

Winner: Siri

Siri may still be beta, and might not be able to get us to an abortion clinic, but Apple’s tech is the start of something very big.  Android fans may try and convince people (themselves) that it’s the same thing as what they’ve been able to do for years but it’s not even in the same league.


Top Games:

Winner: Minecraft

It may also be in beta, not have any sort of fancy graphics, or even a major studio behind it but Minecraft has taken off in ways perhaps no one saw possible.  With a community that came out of no where, all one has to do is YouTube “minecraft” to see what everyone has done with the platform.


Top Movies:

Winner: Captain America

Nuff said.


2011 Stolen Droids Facepalm Award 

Our first Facepalm Award is hereby awarded to Sony for the Playstation Network fiasco.  Congrats to everyone involved . . . you all deserve it.


And finally, our 2011 Awesome Award is given to . .  .

Weird Al? I guess?  Ok then, sure.

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