Sd#1 the Saga Begins

It’s here! Our very first podcast is up! After being around for over three years, we have decided to branch out to new media. We’re still learning, so please give us some feedback!

Zuke, Stark, Zohner, & Schmidty


Amazon puts its head in the clouds and it’s finger in the faces of Sony & Apple

iOS might be dropping June 5th . . . without an iPhone?

Intel makes the biggest smallest drives you’ve ever seen!

Google now allows you to spy on tourists as well.

Windows 8 has a wishlist now.  Take that Apple!

Kevin Costner is in the new Superman . . . and he’s Middle Eastern?

Viggo Mortensen was dating Snow White, I guess.  He’s not anymore. But he’s not Zod!

Wonder Woman from Blue Boutique. Wonder Woman from J-Crew.

Should Netflix save cancelled/endangered shows?

Mass Effect 2 DLC came out.  And now I’ve beaten it.  Did Bioware just charge ME money to change the end of THEIR game?

Microsoft to update Xbox dashboard and add extra 1GB to game disc capacity? I’ve signed up for the beta, how about you?

Farmville is an example of a mental disorder.

Volkswagon has made a car from a video game!

Zuke’s Favorite: Three Angry Birds

Schmidty’s Favorite: Google’s +1

Stark’s Favorite: Today is a good day to sing!

Zohner’s Favorite: Pimp your router. Aww yeeeeaaa.


Executive Producer for Stolendroids Podcast. Also resident 'tech-head' and de-facto leader of the group.

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  1. First thought, would help to have people speak up as they are introduced to match voices with names. Might have them say their own name? Probably need the moderator or conversational lead to say names more often as well. Something like “what do you think about _________ Stark?” Is non-conversational format but it helps those who don’t recognize voices yet.

    Also, I’m wondering how long this podcast is intended to be? It looks from the download bar that it is an hour and half long. But as I don’t listen to pod casts much so I’m not sure. You might consider how much contiguous time your usual readers/listeners have to devote to your presentation. I know I find it hard to find more than 15 min uninterrupted. Not sure how to handle that. Might divide your discussion up into focused topics? Also, one person’s speaking voice broke up a lot (I’m not sure, but was a deeper voice if that helps). That’s probably just a technical issue that needs clearing up.

    Anyway, I’d best run. Good luck.


  2. Hey Guys great 1st cast.
    I would agree with Hannah that it is tough to tell who is speaking as the cast is new and it is hard to tell who is doing talking. The length of the cast is fine and wished it was longer. I work in an office and when I need to leave the desk I can just hit the pause button and resume later.

    Topic suggestion,
    Not sure if any of you are familiar with the MMORPG DDO(Dungeons and Dragons Online) by Turbine. I Love the game and would be interested in your thoughts.
    Turbine is also supposed to be coming out with a Star Wars MMORPG this year and I was hoping you had some insight on it’s release date and preview info on the gameplay at all.

    Thanks guys and look forward to next week!


  3. Thanks for the comments and suggestions guys. There were some discussions before the podcast as to how we should introduce ourselves. We’ll definitely keep the whole “I don’t know who’s talking” thing in mind in the future.

    We also discussed the length. We realized that it was a bit long, but considering that this is a weekly thing, as opposed to daily, we weren’t terribly concerned; however, we did discuss the amount of time that people need to set aside to listen and will keep this in mind for the future.

    Shay, I’ve heard a bit about the D&D MMORPG but I’m not too familiar with it. Star Wars on the other hand… I’m extremely excited for this one. The last I heard it will allegedly be released this fall. It’s already been pushed back so I’m taking a wait and see approach on this but since Bioware is involved, it should be a pretty solid game when it does come out.

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