Scam Show – Episode #30


This week I’m pleased to have Zuke and Schmidty from The Stolendroids Podcast on for a look at the 5 Worst Comic Book Movies . . . at least our take on them.  Did we miss some?  Are there some you didn’t think were that bad?  Let us know by sending feedback!

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  1. Well done. I made my own list before the podcast started and we overlapped on on most.

    First I disagree with Amazing Spiderman. It was NOT good, it was just meh. And with that big of a budget, it should have been more than meh. But Spiderman 3 was way worse, and had a bigger budget. Plus Spiderman 3 has the fall-from-grace factor. Meaning Spiderman 1 & 2 were pretty good. Spiderman 3 was really bad, and when multiplied by it’s fall-from-grace factor probably deserves to be in a #1 or #2 worst comicbook movies. Evil Spiderman danced his way into a number 1 spot.

    Second, Batman Returns is bad. Batman killing people is not ok, it’s his #1 rule. But it is by far better than Batman Forever, or Batman & Robin. A better replacement would have been, Xmen:Last Stand. Once again fall-from-grace factor his huge here, but really what it boils down to is the epic battle of mutants is boring and pointless.

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