Scam Show – Episode 10

Stolendroids - SDCC
There’s love in the air . . .


It’s the San Diego Comic Con wrap up!

  • Marvel Studios

    • Thor: The Dark World

      • no major revelations, but w/ Nov 2013 release date trailer expected

    • Captain America: The Winter Soldier

      • Black Widow is integral part, more of a spy thriller

      • Ties closet to second Avengers movie

      • Falcon flying, and

    • Gaurdians of the Galaxy

      • Lots of buzz

      • Whole cast flew into SDCC just for the panel, then are flying back

      • Karn (Amy Pond) Gillan shaved head

      • Connection to Thanos

      • prev comments, will not directly tie into Avengers 2 as much

    • Avengers 2 = Avengers: Age of Ultron

      • Also, 10 issue series which just finished…

  • WB

    • Superman/Batman

      • Was originally planned to come out years ago, (I am Legend)

      • Will bring “new” Batman into MoS world

      • will be “informed” by Dark Knight Returns… scary

        • Who should be Batman?

  • 20th Century Fox

    • X-men: Days of Future Past

      • Giant cast

        • Bringing together Old and New X-Men

      • McKellen had one of the best lines of the night, saying “It’s so good to be back in California now that you’ve gotten rid of Prop 8. I’m always looking for a new husband. Nice to meet you, Michael [Fassbender].”

  • Others

    • Godzilla – teaser shown, Monster looks big and “similar” to classic style, fat tail

    • WoW – the proof of concept trailer

    • Lego Movie – Channing Tatum plays Superman, Jonah Hill plays Green Lantern, and Cobie Smulders “will be the first film incarnation of Wonder Woman,”

    • Robocop – yeah it’s happening and it’s PG-13…

    • Simpsons Crossover – will be crossing w/ both Family Guy and Futurama

  • Trailer Park

Rush (2013)

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