Scam Episode 13



Yes, there are spoilers in this episode but they are towards the end.  And really, if you’re a Dr. Who fan, haven’t you already seen the special three or four times?

  • Could Preacher finally be coming to the screen?

  • Classic Bond baddies are coming home

  • More members of the DCU are coming to the CW

  • Could we be getting a sequel to It’s a Wonderful Life?

  • When weird writes weird as Warren Ellis is bringing to Moonknight

  • “Amazing” Spiderman 2 news

  • Possible names emerge for Batman vs Superman

  • The Mad Max reboot gets a release date, see you in a year and a half

  • Guess who’s going to be in Episode VII?  Ok, it’s not that hard.  R2-D2

  • No one expects the Spanish Inqusition – and never say never

  • Thoughts on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

  • Trailer Park

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