Roku Os 8 – Ces 2018

This latest update to Roku OS 8 brings us smoother performance for ALL Roku devices and includes several major bug fixes, and is rich with new features! While at CES, Zuke interviews with Roku to find out more about Roku OS 8 and the new 75″ C8 TV.


Roku OS 8 Features

Enhanced Over-the-Air Grid Guide

One of Roku’s biggest set backs was the it didn’t have the ability to fully replace all basic cable functions, the biggest being the program guide. We’ve finally gotten an update that brings us one step closer to knocking the Apple TV and Chromecast out of the market with this!

Not only are you able to have a traditional program guide for Over-the-Air watching, but it can now see the next 14 days of programming and the previous 7 days as well.

Advanced Searches

Because of the grid guide being added, we also gain the new feature “More ways to Watch“, which if you’ve got a movie or TV show selected, within the grid guide and you cannot watch it at the time, it will show other apperances utilizing other channels or streaming apps such as Hulu, CBS, and FOX. And yes, this does mean that the grid guide is fully searchable now!

Enhanced Voice Controls

Utilize your Roku to now switch inputs, open streaming channels with the updated Roku appp or your voice remote.

You can also voice specific searches like “Show me action movies with Tom Cruise” and it will look for JUST that specific criteria.

4K Spotlight Channel

A redesigned 4K Spotlight Channel makes it easier for owners with 4K and 4K HDR TV’s to find that specific content on their Roku design in one specific spot.




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Collin Farmer

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