Replacing the Batman: Focus on the Bat, or the Man?

Recently there have been rumors that Ben Affleck was on his way out as the Batman, and while both Ben, and WB producers made nice during SDCC, the rumors have persisted, (not to mention an official “Flashpoint” film in the works) and that was enough for us here at Stolen Droids to start an epic debate; where should the focus be when recasting on Bruce Wayne, or the Dark Knight. Mil Rul took the position of the need for a strong Bruce Wayne in a great article that you should totally go read… But he is so wrong! WB and DC need to focus everything on the Batman!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some heroes whose mild mannered alter-egos are just as interesting and sometimes even more important to the story, but Bruce Wayne is not one of these. Peter Parker is a high school kid who struggles everyday with the knowledge that he could be the king of his high school. beat up the bully, get the girl, all he has to do is take off the mask, but he cant, because with great power comes great responsibility. Clark Kent is how Superman learns what it truly means to be a human, it is how he connects with a world that will always keep Superman at arms length out of awe, and fear. Bruce Wayne is… kind of lame. Bruce is the mask Batman wears when he needs to create a distraction, Bruce is seen as the drunk, womanizing, irresponsible playboy that everyone dismisses before they can look deeper into how he actually spends his nights. Peter Parker has the iconic scene is Spider-Man 2 where he gives up being Spider-Man in order to live the life he thinks he wants. Clark Kent has the scene in Superman where he goes along with being mugged, and pretends to faint rather than reveal his true self. Batman has been in 8 1/2 movies (I’m not including the Adam West Batman movie, and giving him partial credit for Suicide Squad) and I can’t come up with one iconic scene where he is being Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is a background player, who is mainly used to flirt with Vicky Vale, Catwoman, Dr. Chase Meridian, whoever he flirts with in Batman and Robin, (I never actually watched that, but in my defense, they put nipples on the batsuit, and gave him a Batman credit card) Rachel Dawes, and Catwoman again but this time while she is robbing him, and Wonder Woman, where they are both stealing from Lex and each other. He is not vital to the plot and therefor should not be the focus.

My next point for Batman being the focus is this version is cloaked in mystery. In the previous versions of Batman on film it has started at the beginning and we have been along for the ride, but this version is different, this version of Batman is older, injured, jaded, he is a fallen hero. He has lost at least one Robin, given up on the idea of working with others, broken his one rule of no killing, and feels like the ends justify the means. This is a huge departure from previous versions and should be explored through flashbacks or discussions with Alfred, why spend important time watching him flirt, or sleep through another board meeting when we could be learning more about this darkest version of the Dark Knight. Nothing exciting happens at Wayne Enterprises Monday thru Friday from 9-5, we only care about what happens after the sun sets.

If and when they recast Ben Affleck the focus should be on the Batman with or without the cowl. I want someone who I believe is the worlds greatest detective, a man who is haunted by the death of his parents and driven to make sure that no one else has to suffer that fate. If I can believe in the Batman, I don’t care how he does pretending to be Bruce Wayne.

Do you think it’s more important to cast Batman or Bruce Wayne first? Tell us why in the comments, and click here to read why casting Bruce Wayne first should be the priority from Mil Ruko.

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