Random Samsung Gift Is . . . Random

With April 21 just around the corner, it’d make sense that people are starting to get antsy about their Galaxy S8 pre-orders finally coming in.  So imagine my excitement when I find a box from Samsung on my porch.

It was the right size!

It was from their order fulfillment center!

Did I get it early?!  Sure, only a couple days but who cares!

Upon tearing open the package I was greeted with a very slick box emblazoned with the Samsung and Galaxy logos and I almost missed the tiny print that stated it was actually an “Amplified Speaker Dock”.

Huh.  I don’t remember ordering that.  Nor do I remember it being part of the pre-order.  But OK; I’m always up for a freebie (especially a speaker dock).

Image courtesy of Androidcommunity.com

This is not a speaker dock.  This is a formed piece of plastic that’s meant to reroute sound out of your phone and towards you.  There’s a very good chance that the fancy box and note cost as much to produce as the dock itself.

Now I’m probably being too harsh on Samsung since it’s obvious they are trying to reward people for being loyal in the wake of the Note 7 disaster.  After all, the dock is free and it’s not the MOST pointless thing I’ve ever been given.  Still, there could have been any number of better promotional items they could have gifted people (say, a $50 gift card on Samsung Pay) than this.

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