Pokémon Sword & Shield New Gameplay and Release Date Revealed

The Pokemon direct this morning gave players a better look at the latest core entry in the long-running RPG series.

Pokemon Sword and Shield, which is the first core entry in the series to be released on a home console, is shaping to be a bigger game than its previous entries. One of the features returning and being expanded upon is players seeing Pokemon roaming around the world, a feature first seen in last years Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. Not only will players see Pokemon roam around the world, but the Pokemon seen will change depending on the conditions in the area such as time of day and weather.

Players also now have a new move to use in battle that can boost not only their Pokémon stats but also their size. Dynamax is a new Z-Power move that players can use in battle where as mentioned makes there Pokémon physically gigantic and boosts there stats. This move, however, can only be used once a battle and is limited to three turns so this new feature can add a bit of strategy to Pokémon battles. But Dynamax isn’t only used by the player, Dynamax is also used by the gym leaders in the game. Where gyms are now giant stadiums with a cheering audience there to help liven the battle and giving the feeling that these battles mean much more than they use to.

Gigantic Pokémon can also be fought and caught in the wild. A new multiplayer feature being added is called Max Raid Battles, where up to four players can come together and battle a powerful and gigantic Pokémon in an attempt to defeat and capture.

Along with these new gameplay announcements, the Direct confirmed the release date, November 15, 2019. The game will be available for preorder soon and a double pack is being released as well which will contain both games in one set.


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