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Thanks to our friends over at Netcast Studios, we have a whole new way to record and we hope you like the difference!  Thank’s to Zuke getting happy with the “delete” key, we have a whole bunch of missing sound effect.  We hope you won’t notice!


Zuke: “Yeah, but stocks don’t actually mean what we think they mean”
Ruff: “Don’t say it … don’t say it …”
Zuke: “The stock market is literally a bunch of analysts are willing to say and put faith into a company”
Ruff: “Arrrrgg – he said it”

Ok, sorry for taking the complete mickey out on you.  You were close, very close … but also very wrong.  The stock price is the price that all the people (the market) who want to buy and sell are willing to currently trade.  A person in the market gets all this info (from analysts, from headlines, from economic conditions, from their guy, from experience, etc) and boil it all down to a price that they are willing to trade.  If their price is higher than the current market price, they will buy (thinking the market has undervalued the stock).  If their price is lower than the current market price, they will sell (thinking that the market has overvalued the stock).  These trades (buys and sells) will change the market price (lots of people buying drives the price up / lots of people selling drives the price down).  In the end – the market price is the current equilibrium price – you can think of it as the average of how people view the stock.  There is tons more market theory in all of this … but that is just too boring for a tech podcast.




Talking Point:

Internet “signal” vs “noise”

Zuke’s Favorite: It’s not the destination, it’s the journey
Zohner’s Favorite: I hated this movie so much…
Schmidty’s Favorite: Auralnauts: Bane Outtakes (Extended Edition)
Stark’s Favorite: How to prep for the Zombie outbreak and stay entertained


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