Johnny C’s in Trouble – #96

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Glee Rage

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We are joined by John from Google At A Glance to discuss women of the night and narcotics.  Not really, but we seem to bring it up a LOT.  Go fig.


Hi Guys,

Did it seem that I dropped off the planet?  I live near NYC and Storm Sandy closed my offices for Nov + Dec last year.  As such, I was working remotely, no commute and no chance to listen to your pod casts.  My offices are now reopened and my commute is back … as is my podcast listening.  Anyway, some comments on your various podcasts (and don’t feel that you need to include any / all of this in your next podcast) …

Latest Iran work attacking banks
I did some reading on that and it appeared to be attacking the bank records … drilling into their files and changing various arabic words to nonsense.  That doesn’t strike me as that smart (solved by restoring from a back up as you pointed out) but also targeting the people.  I would like to think that the Government of the US would target the Iranian Government and not the Iranian people.

FBI / Hezbollah twitter feed
Apart from the issues you pointed out – if your enemy was using twitter to organize their attacks, wouldn’t you like them to keep doing that so that you can track them.  Sounds like they might be giving away plans.

Blackberry / RIM
This company will not die (this year or next).  There is enough corporate accounts (my company for one) that is still buying BB devices.  BTW – my company is trailing providing corporate email to smart phones … BUT! you have to provide the smart phone and the data plan.  No thank you.

XBox and Connect
Enjoyed your chat about the eye / hand control and TVs.  One solution is to issue a conch shell with the controller and then program the controller to only recognize the person holding the shell.  However, that might lead to a critical breakdown in the structure of our society.




Talking Point:

Patent Trolls and Podcasting

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