Annual Prediction Extravaganza – #93

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Our annual predictions podcast is upon us!  What amazing things does 2013 hold in store for us?  What horrors can we expect?  Who knows what darkness hides in the heart of men?  Be sure to chime in with your own predictions and we’ll add them to the list by sending them to

Copyright laws

  • Zuke: A lot of talks will be made about copyright reform, but nothing will change


  • Zuke: Google will finally get more than a slap on the wrist from the FTC
  • Schmidty: We’ll start to see the resurgence of Chromebooks as Chrome Ultrabooks, and/or ChromeOS / Android hybrid notebooks.
  • Stark: Google will come out with another internet tool that will fail.
  • Zohner: The $99 Android tablet, Jelly Bean will take 20% market share,


  • Zuke: iOS’s market share will falter below Android
  • Zohner: Apple will release more of the same and face backlash
  • Stark: Apple will start to find a new path
  • Schmidty: Apple “Smart TV” to be released 2013 and release 3 iPads


  • Stark: Microsoft will be disappointed in sales of Windows 8 to the enterprise market
  • Zuke: Surface won’t see the end of 2013, will fade when compared to 3rd party tablets (still Windows 8)
  • Schmidty: Microsoft will announce the Kinect 2


  • Zohner: Market share will increase with OS 10
  • Zuke: Nothing they do is going to work
  • Stark: They will launch a new project and it will fail
  • Schmidty: They will actually go up

Smart TV’s

  • Schmidty: Stark will start playing Minecraft
  • Schmidty: Manufacturers will begin to print 3D plastic parts for their products (grommets, casings, etc.), allowing them to provide on-demand replacement parts for consumers and dealerships.

Zohner: More digital comics – thanks, in part, to more 7” tablets
Zohner: Death of the Nook
Zohner & Schmidty: Death of the subsidized phone
Zohner & Zuke: Ubuntu for phones will go nowhere thanks to awesome planning
Zuke: 4K TVs will still not take off in the consumer market

Zuke’s Favorite: The Most Accurate Infographic Ever
Schmidty’s Favorite: Robot Guitar Hero Master
Stark’s Favorite: Good use of the QR code
Zohner’s Favorite: Best task app ever


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