Ruffians and Shenanigans – #244

Stolendroids Podcast

I’ve never seen this movie, but I’m told there is much tomfoolery about it.

There is much malarkey amok in this episode. Ruffians and hooligans running this way and that, spreading shenanigans, and other such undesirable behavior! Not least of which is the unsavory business of young Master Collin and his indiscretions with a certain Russian bird, who will remain nameless.  Quite unsettling, this turn of events.

On a random side note: It turns out that there was a racing horse named Shenanigans, who foaled another famous racing horse, Ruffian.  Imagine my troubles when trying to find an image for this episode that WASN’T a horse!


Zuke’s Favorite: Captain America – Civil War
Schmidty’s Favorite: Raspberry Pi Zero
Zohner’s Favorite: The Wah Wah Machine

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