Panda Lupus – #207

Stolendroids Podcast

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This week brings us some awesome Supergirl news, an absurdly expensive accessory, and anti-virus that eats itself and everything else on your computer.  Also, don’t trust a politician who says they’ve never sent an email because they’re either lying or have no business living in 2015.  Just saying.


Zuke’s Favorite: Chuck Norris kicked Father Time once.  So Time turned him 75.
Schmidty’s Favorite: Avengers 2 Trailer – Kids Dub
Collin’s Favorite:  Marvel Contest of Champions
Zohner’s Favorite: Together again

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  1. First, love the show, you guys are both informative and entertaining. Second, just listened we show #207, as to you comments about how long it would take to reach show 9000, at one show a week the show would have to run for at least 173 years before episode 9000. Though we are all living longer these days, so who knows, especially with cybernetics.

    1. Thanks RD for the comment and for listening to our show! Thank you for the correction, when I calculated the 24 years, I was dividing by 365. 😛 See what happens when you stay up late podcasting, lol.

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