Headline Medley – #202

Stolendroids Podcast

Penny Arcade
Image Courtesy of Penny Arcade

No joke here, our headlines are all over the place in this week’s podcast.  Between people hacking coffee machines, the FCC actually being on our side again, and Amazon launching what might be the most useless service ever . . . we’re kind of winging it here.


Zukes favorite: Do NOT take on AngryNeesom52!!
Schmidty’s Favorite: White noise generator
Collin’s Favorite: A Comic-Con Is a Girl’s Best Friend
Zohner’s Favorite: Rowlf Markie
Symptom Comic Kickstarter


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  1. What is wrong with you guys?!? I’m listening to your show right now and am just shaking my head. Seriously?!? Say something “black”… UUUGGGHHH (I am seriously cracking up right now).

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