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This podcast episode has something a little different for you instead of the normal “Talking Point”; we have the immense pleasure of interviewing Dan Farr from Salt Lake Comic Con.  Be sure to head on over to their site and get your tickets today!

Correction from last week: The intern that confirmed the offensive Asian names was from the NTSB not from KTVU. (But the names themselves were from KTVU)


Fast Lane:

    • Dreamworks is releasing a new movie about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange called “The Fifth Estate” that looks rather boring and uninteresting.  It probably won’t do very . . . oh, wait.  Does it star Benedict Cumberbatch? OK, yeah I’ll probably go see it.

    • California’s Department of Transportation lost over $2 Million in a scam by one person.  In a deal to reduce his sentence, the thief made a deal to give back everything he could that he got from the money including two homes, two cars, and . . . $10,000 worth of Star Wars gear.  No one knows what the DoT plans to do with all those action figures, but people in the area might want to start watching the classifieds for awesome deals!

    • Every year, North Korea attacks South Korea in some sort of way as a way to “commemorate” the start of the Korean War. After hacking South Korean sites for a while (and not getting very far), they decided to blame Anonymous for the attacks. The problem with this is, everyone knows that Anonymous typically attacks North Korea instead.  Isn’t it time someone took away North Korea’s “computer time”?

Talking Point:

Interview with Dan Farr of Salt Lake Comic Con

Zuke’s Favorite: I’m just waiting for EVERY news outlet to do this!
Zohner’s Favorite: Shark week is almost here!
Stark’s Favorite: Demo reel for The Doomsday Machine documentary
Schmidty’s Favorite: Darth Winnie

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