The Jitterbug Smartphone – #107

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Look how far we've come! (Enlarged to show texture)
Look how far we’ve come! (Enlarged to show texture)

We have feedback, Facebook, and the French.  Well, who WOULDN’T be excited for all that?  Also, potentially the most accidentally racist thing we’ve ever said.  Yay us.



  • A French Intelligence Agency recently tried to have “sensitive information” on a military installation removed from Wikipedia by coercing a French national editor to do it for them.  When he refused, they went to Wikipedia directly, claiming that it was a breach of their national security.  Wikipedia refused, stating that the information in the article all comes from public sources on the internet, including a walkthrough of the facility by its commander on YouTube.  To date, the page is still up and the news surrounding it has caused a huge jump in page views.  So good job keeping that secret, France!
  • For people who don’t know what an actual “burner phone” is, there’s a new app coming down the pipe for Android users that lets you create fake numbers to call from.  the app has been very popular on iOS and will be seeing some upgrades and a new pricing scheme with its move to Android.  With access to all these fake numbers, now people won’t even know it’s YOU they’re screening when they sent that weird number to voicemail.
  • An artist is suing the NFL for use of a logo he designed without permission, though a judge has deemed it to be considered “Fair Use”. Since this is a copyright case, it’s not surprising that the MPAA has stepped in.  However, they decided to side with the NFL’s definition of “Fair Use”! This should be solid proof that the MPAA is less about protecting copyrighted material and more about just screwing you over.
  • In news that many are considering to be stunning and unbelievable, the Syfy network has announced that they are actually developing science fiction shows. Mind. Blown.

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