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Ruff joins us, Kristen intro’s us, Gene and Steph pimp us . . . it’s a good episode to be us!  A huge thank you to all the fans who have tuned in every week for 100 episodes!

You have only yourselves to blame!



  • Burger King’s Twitter account was compromised this week and started advertising for McDonald’s.  It also went on to insult unknown DJ’s before it was shut down. Jeep’s account was hacked the next day by the same person before he was apprehended. The arrest came easily when the hacker used the @Jeep account to brag to a girl and listed his real-life Facebook account! Proving you don’t have to be a computer mastermind to hack anymore.
  • Hot on the heels of the college degree in social media, a new course at Duke University is now open!  The course in question is only available to women and will teach them how to blog. No, really. We’re just waiting for the college course that will subject students to a semester of “shell games”.
  • In Salt Lake City, a pair of 13-year-old girls were busted at school after one of them tweeted that they were going to skip class and get high. While in the administration office, one of the parents who was holding their daughter’s cell phone received a text message from an adult asking if they were ready for him. The parent said they were, and he arrived at the school to find police waiting for him. Rule of thumb; if you are a parent, watch your kid’s social accounts like a hawk!
  • The Finnish anti-piracy group, CIAPC has been reported to the police for copyright infringement . . . by The Pirate Bay. CIAPC (which previously tried to have a 9-year-old girl arrested for not actually pirating) created a spoof website for themselves which heavily parodies The Pirate Bay. Unfortunately, parody is not protected by Finnish law and they are now facing criminal charges.
  • Google had to pull one of its doodles down before too many people saw it this week. The doodle featured the lower case “g” jumping out of the way and narrowly avoiding getting killed by an asteroid before jumping back into place. Artists thought it might be fun to create a little something that cheered the fact that Asteroid 2012 DA14 wasn’t going to strike Earth and create havoc. Sadly, an ill-timed meteorite did strike Earth and create havoc.

Talking Point:

Microsoft is not innovative enough

Zuke’s Favorite: Wanna know where people AREN’T hooking up?
Schmidty’s Favorite: The Harlem Shakeifier
Stark’s Favorite: Stan Lee’s version of HISHE
Ruff’s Favorite: Be careful who you scorn for a prank!
Zohner’s Favorite: Big dreams come in small packages

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