Movies That Make Us - Episode 127

Hi friends! This week, we are finishing up Nicholas Cage November with the small, independent film Pig.

It’s one crazy premise – Nicholas Cage’s character Robin Feld lives alone in the woods of the Pacific Northwest with only his truffle hunting pig for companionship. They collect truffles and sell them to Amir who in turn sells them to high end restaurants in Portland. One day his beloved pig is stolen and he is dead set on finding out what happened to his friend. What could have turned into a John Wick or Nobody revenge film, instead is a thoughtful examination of loss, family, finding your place in the world, and knowing who you are.

What are your thoughts on the film? Next week, we’ll kick off the Christmas season with Staff Picks – our cinematic presents we received this year.

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As always, thank you for listening, and for now, we won’t see you at the movies… 

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