Parasite with Boobs – Our Parasite Livestream Episode – MMU 56

This week’s episode is the audio from our Facebook/YouTube livestream from last Monday. In this Episode, Tracy, Val, and Jake discuss last year’s best motion picture, Parasite. There is a lot to unpack as our trio tries to break down what this film is, what is about, and how it all worked so perfectly.

Parasite is a film you really need to experience for yourself, and the less you know about it before hand, the better. For that reason we should warn you that this episode is full of spoilers. That shouldn’t be a surprise for those who have listened to our show- we never really shy away from spoilers. And we really spoil this one if you haven’t seen it. So you have been warned. 

We discuss the film’s writing and cinematography. We discuss the acting and the brilliance of it. And we discuss the upcoming Parasite series coming to HBO. Which Jake has named Parasite with Boobs. It’s probably accurate since it is on HBO.

This was our first livestream episode, and we plan to do more. We highly recommend following us on Facebook and subscribing to our YouTube channel to catch these episodes as they air. They will then be released the next week on our podcast feed. If you have feedback for the show, you can send that to Thanks for listening/watching, and we won’t see you at the movies…

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Jake Dietz

Chief Operations Officer Jake is a blogger, podcaster, and all-around geek/nerd. He enjoys all sorts of different “fandoms,” but more than anything he loves movies. Movies have always been a big part of his life. From escaping into them as a child and teenager to working in the business as a concessions worker at his local theater, movies have always been there for Jake. In addition to his extensive DVD/Blu-ray/iTunes movie collection, Jake is also a loving husband to one wonderful wife and father to six amazing children.

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