Overwatch Adds Deathmatch

Overwatch Arcade will be adding a new game mode for players to enjoy and that new mode is Deathmatch.

Announced in a new developer update video released August 10th, Deathmatch is a new feature that brings two new game modes. The first mode will be traditional “Free-for-All” Deathmatch, which will feature 1v7 matches where players will compete to be the first to reach 20 kills. The other game mode to be available will be “Team Deathmatch,” where teams of 6 will face off and compete to be the first team to reach a goal of 30 kills first. In this mode, Mercy resurrections will subtract kills from the other team’s kill count. Deathmatch will also feature its own unique scoreboard that is designed for Deathmatch.

Several maps in the game have been modified for this new game mode and Deathmatch will also bring a new Map called Château Guillard that was designed specifically for the two new games modes. Deathmatch is currently available in PTR (Player Test Region) and does not have an official release date.

Overwatch continues to impress and listen to the community, they once said that the game would never introduce such game types, but the community has won yet again!


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